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Logo Refinement

Perfecting logos and wordmarks are one of our core activities. Our expertise ranges from the drawing of decorative letters for advertising campaigns to the meticulous shaping for a final typographic wordmark. A perfectly fine-tuned wordmark underpins the brands value and ads an appropriate tonal voice to it.


We optimize the readability for small sizes, while keeping an eye on technical limitations.
For example in the use of watch faces we developed for Maurice de Mauriac. Since watch faces are mainly digital these days, we develop special designs for displaying numbers on digital screens with on-purpose designed shapes and special font hinting.
But we don’t only design for small scale applications, also for the big scale. Such as our wordmark for the Swiss aviation company Edelweiss.

It’s all about scale

Logotypes and specifically wordmarks are a set of abstract shapes. Our job is to understand the logic of these and to tune the wordmark as such – while also taking into account its application in the branding. We focus on the details while also making sure that it works on the big scale.


Based on a clients pitch, we analyse their logotype and we suggest a set of design solutions. We ask questions, which sometimes may lead to obvious answers, but also give the opportunity to rethink aspects which were held as given. This procedure opens a conversation which ultimately leads to the development of a unique design solution.


Have a look at some logos and wordmarks
we’ve put eyes and hands on.

Edelweiss Airplane with Branding

Clovis Vallois

Any questions?

Clovis Vallois, our type director,
loves to help you.
Say hi via mail, and let’s have a chat.